Science and Democracy Network 15th Annual Meeting

University College and London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom, June 23rd-25th

     Cecilia Hidalgo participated in the Science and Democracy Network (SDN) Annual Meeting 2016. The SDN was established in 2002 to enhance the quality and significance of scholarship in science and technology studies (STS) by training young professionals and by forging links between STS and related fields of study and practice. The annual meeting primary goal is to strengthen and deepen STS scholarship on science and democracy, and to provide training opportunities for young STS scholars to enable them to participate more effectively in decision processes and public affairs.

     The 15th Annual SDN Meeting was held at University College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard), Jack Stilgoe (UCL) and Tim Forsyth (LSE) introduced the sessions devoted to issues such as climate prediction and modeling, socio-technical imaginaries of the State, global regimes of toxicity, public engagement with planning, the politics of expert advice.

     A special panel discussion on the Regulation of Public Numbers gathered representatives of operational public institutions, academy and NGOs who entertained a vivid discussion on the epistemic and political challenges involved in the production, interpretation and regulation of official statistics. Were participants of the panel Ed Humpherson (UK Statistics Authority), Mike Hughes (Consultant on Official Statistics), Diane Coyle (University of Manchester), Saamah Abdallah (New Economics Foundation), Mary Morgan (London School of Economics), Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard Kennedy School) and Tiago Mata (UCL)

     There was also a space to reflect on science, expertise and politics in the wake of the Brexit vote. Jan-Peter Voss (TU Berlin), Rob Hagendijk (Amsterdam), David Winickoff (UC Berkeley/OECD) and Brian Wynne (Lancaster) leaded the debate.